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Durango, Colorado Hunting Tips

Durango and the Durango River Valley offer some great hunting opportunities. Whether you want to hunt mule deer, elk, bighorn sheep, or mountain goats you should consider the Durango area for you next hunt.


  • Durango, Colorado Elk Hunting Tips
    1. Elk Units 71, 73, 74, 75, 741, 751.
    2. All units offer good opportunities. Visit the Colorado Division of Wildlife website to check draw odds. Some units require numerous points.
    3. As hunting pressure increase elk will head to dark timber and deep canyons. Hunt as far from roads and easily accessible areas as you can. Elk tend to move to lower elevations as hunting pressure increases.
    4. Larger wilderness areas such as the Weminuche Wilderness offer great opportunities. Be prepared to backpack or pack in on horses to access wilderness areas.
    5. Take note of private land opportunities.

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  • Durango, Colorado Mule Deer Hunting Tips
    1. Mule Deer Units 71, 73, 74, 75, 741, 751 .
    2. Hunt aspens, ridges, and saddles where deer tend to bed, feed, and travel. Potential 170"+

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  • Durango, Colorado Bighorn Sheep Hunting Tips
    1. There is one unit in the Durango area that offers bighorn sheep hunting.
    2. Bighorn Sheep Unit S71
    3. You will have to apply for a minimum of three years to accumulate the maximum preference points. You will then begin collecting bonus points each year you are unsuccessful. Be prepared to apply for several years before drawing. There are many hunters who have been applying 10 + years.

  • Search for Durango hunting ranches for sale.

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